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Value Based Healthcare - The Journey Has Begun

Value-based healthcare, rewarding the healthcare industry for outcomes not products or services, will have an increasing impact on all of us as we have to face up to the increasing challenge of delivering cost-effective healthcare and as improvements in research and technology allow us to deliver more preventative, more targeted and more effective treatments. Zhixin Shu’s insight discusses value-based healthcare and the opportunities it could represent. Read more »

India An Emerging Market for the Long-term

September’s insight provides a brief discussion of India and the opportunities we see for several of our investments. We take the view that investing in global companies which have strong businesses in emerging markets like India is a great way to benefit from the potential for progress, prosperity and value generation they offer for the next five, ten and 25 years. Our insight presents an overview of several of our positions that have strong businesses in India and how they are looking to generate value. Read more »

eSports Let The Games Begin

The rapid ascent of eSports, competitive video gaming to the uninitiated, has seemed implausible. But recent developments in the industry and the current news flow around the nascent sector, suggest that our early convictions about its potential for professionalization and value creation are correct. In this month’s insight Giles Tulloch examines the incipient eSports industry, Activision Blizzard – one of its leading participants, and the opportunities it presents for our portfolios. Read more »

Nutrition The Next Frontier for the Consumer and Health Industries

One of the key fundamental drivers for our portfolios is the growth in health and nutrition as a business opportunity. In emerging and developed markets alike it is driven by the needs of rising life expectancy, higher chronic disease prevalence, greater awareness of health and increased resources devoted to living longer and better lives. In our insight this month Katerina Kosmopoulou writes about health and nutrition and the significant opportunity it represents for some of the companies we invest in Read more »

Digital Marketing: Last month we saw the future

Last month, we arranged an event in association with Exponea, a London-based specialist digital marketing company, which helped to highlight just how large this industry will become over the next decade. Adobe Systems is another digital technology company that is a core holding in our portfolios. It is the world’s leading digital marketing company. With a panel of speakers and audience ranging from technology executives to advertising agencies, marketing industry consultants, entrepreneurs and investors, we learned about some of the challenges faced and how the industry is likely to evolve. Our insight piece this month is written by Giles Tulloch which summarises what we learnt about digital marketing, its impact on virtually every company in our portfolios and the opportunities it offers them Read more »

President Xi's Three Wishes for Chinese Football

Our insight this month is an abridged version of an article we commissioned from Matt Tench, the well-known sports journalist, about China and its impact on football. President Xi’s three wishes for China to qualify for a World Cup, host it and win it are another global ambition. Digital transformation, cloud computing, e-commerce and sports are a powerful combination that proffer growth and opportunity for the global economy and our investments. Read more »


Our insight piece this month takes a global consumer good as a point of reflection on the value of innovation and brands. The “iconic” Apple Watch Hermès retails from $1,149 for the most basic to $1,499 for the “Etoupe Swift Leather Double Buckle Cuff”. With a standard Series 2 Apple Watch selling for $369 that means people are prepared to pay $780 or more for a leather watchband and a digital watch face. According to Forbes, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world with a value of $154.1 billion, almost double that of Google, the next most valuable. Yet what does the difference in pricing between an Apple watch and a leather watchband tell us about the relative value of these two brands? Which of them needs the other more? And which is likely to be more enduring? Read more »